Floating Wheel cover

Floating wheel cap is a product that we have been supplying to automakers (Ssangyong, Hyundai) since 2016. It has been applied floating wheel center cap technology to wheel cover.

Floating Wheel Cover will be a very innovative medium that will have a higher advertising effect because it is more dynamic than conventional wrapping type advertisements for cars.

Certainly, it can be applied to various types of vehicles such as golf carts, buses, taxis, and trucks.

  • Description

        - Patent(Korea) : 10 - 2157291
        - Self-leveling and perfectly upright
        - Completely waterproof, equipped with transparent cover to the                            forefront.

  • Features

        - Name : Floating Wheel Cover
        - Warranty : 24 Months
        - Material : ABS, PC

        - Installation position: wheel cover position in vehicle wheel center 

        - Cost : Cheaper than ordinary car wrapping

Comparison between Bosswellkorea’s floating wheel covers 

and R. company’s products overseas

구분Overseas R. Products
BOSSiT Floating Wheel Cover
If foreign substances such as snow, mud, and sand penetrate due to a gap between the floating part and rotating part, the product loses its floating functionForeign substances cannot penetrate into the wheel cover by using a transparent cover which sealed inside the product, waterproof/dustproof (IP67 grade)
The degree of ads sway and tilt from side to side while driving a vehicle : over 30 degrees
The degree of ads sway and tilt from side to side while driving a vehicle : keep within 10 degrees
When ads are tilted by external shocks, it takes more than 2 minutes to restore

When ads are tilted by external shocks,

it takes 30 seconds to restore
Serious secondary damage in case of accident due to the use of a large number of metal parts
 It minimizes secondary damage in case of accidents with plastic products


Easily damage/contamination/discoloration of advertising content due to external exposure
It protects ads content with transparent covers
Heavy product and complex mounting using metal parts such as spacers and clamps
Non-metallic materials make the product light and easy to attach to the adapter
PricePrice is similar to (the price for) total car wrapping
70% cheaper than R’s product