LED Emblem

Bosswellkorea's LED light emblem, which wons the grand prize at AAPEX SHOW (Las Vegas, USA) in 2012, shows the symbol clearly with a regular chromium emblem during the day. But it illuminates at night by LED light, which penetrates the chromium symbol at night.

  • Description

         - Korea patent: Bi-color illumianated Emblem 10-1211843
         - Three levels of durable vacuum evaporation coating
         - Constant-current device installed

  • Features

         - Name: LED Bi-color Emblem
         - Voltage: DC 13.5V
         - LED Type: Topview 1608 SMD
         - Warranty: 12 Months
         - Material: ABS and LED
         - Waterproof
         - LED Lifespan: >50,000 hours 

LED Outdoor Signboards

Bosswellkorea can manufacture and sell large LED chromium signboards (over 100cm in diameter) that expand LED lighting emblems by using our patented technology that penetrates metallic chromium.

Like the automotive LED light emblem, the company's symbol (CI) is created in five colors (white, red, blue, yellow and green) on the chrome during the day as well as the night.

The chromium transcription LED Signboard is a next-generation sign that expresses cleanliness and dignity from chromium-colored metallic characteristics during the day, and displays a colorful and luxurious image with LED light at night.

  • Description

         - Large-sized Signboard Forming
         - Vacuum forming & three levels durable vacuum evaporation coating

           UV coating
         - Equip LEDs on the entire PCB 

  • Features

         - Name: LED Signboard - Type : Customized 
         - Main Process : Vacuum forming/Vacuum coating 
         - Mateial : PMMA (acrylic), ABS, PC, PETG, etc 
         - Warranty : 2 years 
         - Dimension : Customized available 
         - Packing : Cartons or wooden boxes